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proudest moment. [music] >> one couple who were riding with us, morning and afternoon, mr. and mrs. lee. mr. lee was the dialysis patient and he's probably in his 80's and every time we would drive up to buchanan street, the hospital, mr. lee would say, "good job, fine driver, number one driver" and he would go like this [thumbs up gesture]. and then as brian would be helping him off the van, mr. lee, i heard him so often say, "brian, if anybody gives you any trouble you send them to me and i'll take care of them." and here great big old brian would say, "henry, you're the first one i would try to get help from." and he says, "the second one is elsa." [laugh] so we knew that we were being relied on by brian. a few weeks back, mrs. lee called brian early in the morning to tell him not to bother picking them up because they were already at the hospital. mr. lee was ill and she had taken him to the er. the next day or so, brian, on his lunchtime, found out that mr. lee had been admitted to the hospital and he went up to mr. lee's room and just stuck his head in just to say hello. and the minut
a decision on the a lease arrangements. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> mr. tony lee, our last public speaker comment. >>> thank you for the opportunity to speak in front of you. my name is tony lee and i speak on behalf of my parents who are commercial property owners. about a month or two ago i came in front of the commission and i commented on the billing policies and processes of when bill come due and property owners are billed. and at that time i commented that i think that the process has hurt the policy owners -- the property owners. and since that meeting i guess sfpuc has written their recommendations on some of the processes that need to change. and, so, i'm here today because i wanted to make some comments on the recommendations and some clarifications. the one, the big -- the most important one is my -- my -- my feeling that it is very important to understand that when the dates are mentioned in this recommendation and the recommendation is one dated december 11, 2012. i'm not sure if you had abopportunity to read t but as you read t i'd like you to please keep thisv in mind. whe
, among those who refuse to see the film is spike lee. here is mr. lee speaking about the film or not speaking about it in december. >> i can't speak on it because i'm not gonna see it. all i'm saying gonna say is the disrespectful to my ancestors. >> fair enough. if based on the film's trailer mr. lee doesn't have an interest in seeing the film. that's certainly his right. but then the following day spake lee was ready to tweet about it. american slavery was not a sergio leone spaghetti western. it was a hole cows my ancestors are slaves stolen from africa. i will honor them. >> mr. lee is not alone. the outrage over tarantino's film is shared by many others, including my previous guest tavis smiley. >> if someone is out there saying when it comes to the word--bleep--the fact that i was using it more in the movie more than it was used in the antebellum south in mississippi in 1858, then feel free to make that case. but no one is actually making that case. in other words what they're actually saying that i should soften it. they're saying i should lie. they're saying i shut whi
services i would do it. thank you again for this recognition. >> thank you, mr. lee, appreciate it. [ applause ] >> next we have awards for two transit operators, one from the green division and one from woods division. the first award is presented to miss myra from the green division, who has been with sfmta for 13 years. the next award is being presented to miss angela jensen from woods who has been with us for 12 years. both operators are being recognized today for displaying exceptional service in and a high level of citizenship. on november 29th, 2012, she demand outstanding compassion to a victim of assault who boarded hurricane train in the area of sunnyvale and, nor shore. her quick response to notify central control and police and ambulance while providing compt to the victim until the police and arrival of the ambulance has earned her recognition today. on tuesday, november 20 20 12 miss [stkwro-pb/]son witnessed a robbery in progress on the corner of or and corbett streets. as her coach was approaching the scene she took immediate action, instantly notifying central con
that we fully support the comments from mr. rifkin and mr. lee. and i appreciate mr. rose's summarization there. so, we do agree to the amendments that have been proposed. and thank you also for the clarification. the feeder agreement, as it is set up, is not only tied to increases or decreases in inflation, but also rider ship. so, it's not just adjusting by inflation, but also by the number of riders connecting from muni to bart. and then going back to the fast pass agreement, before our time, the fast pass was initially accepted on bart in 1983 to help alleviate capacity problems that sfmta was incurring along the market and mission corridor. so, bart provides a valuable service to the riders of san francisco and to sfmta in providing a direct service along mission and along market bringing passengers from balboa park all the way up to as far as embarcadaro. this is the fast pass was not available to be used on bart. sfmta would no doubt incur additional expenses to carry those riders on their buses. so, we are providing a service. sfmta does set the price of the fast pass. not only th
're giving them now which i think it should. >> mr. lee -- superintendent, do you want to address -- deputy superintendent. >> yes, just to share a little bit more information to what commissioner wynns is referring to. she did contact me i believe late afternoon on friday with a request or suggestion that at that -- especially at that time when it appeared unclear about whether the city was going to appropriate the full amount of the public education enrichment fund that in the district materials that would be transmitted to the city, the mayor and the board of supervisors and the other city officials, that we would specify that -- we would make some sort of a statement that we would -- we expect full funding or appropriation from the city for 13-14 -- i actually haven't shared with this chris and kathy and part of that why is so because in the mayor's state of the city address yesterday he remarked about his intention to fully fund the public education enrichment fund and specified the amounts of funding that would be associated with the appropriation for 13-14 and i confirmed with the m
and i would ask mr. lee to perhaps talk to us about land take down and renovation of this project because that is obviously in all of our miepds, together, with finding an architect that i have not already used that the appearances of this building has to compliment and complete the context to creating the other two projects. >> the mayor's director of house, thank you for those questions. this is sort of the pro-toe typical land dedication that they had envisioned as part of the eastern neighborhoods, it is part of the larger partial and i understand that there are concerns raised about the fact that we are getting 202 units of affordable housing, clearly the mayor is paying, or the city of san francisco is paying for 150 of those and we have 55 or so on site and so we are getting a greater capacity to build affordable housing as part of the mixed income neighborhood. i think that one of the goals of the eastern neighborhood's discussion was to build upon what worked so well for redevelopment where we sort of had affordable housing partials, enter
, mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from utah. mr. lee: mr. president, i i have an amendment at the desk and i ask for its immediate consideration. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: the senator from utah, mr. lee, proposes amendment numbered 4, at the appropriate place -- mr. lee: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the reading of the amendment be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. lee: mr. president, i stand today to urge my colleagues' support for my amendment to this bill. i appreciate the eloquent arguments made by my friend and colleague, the senator from new york, a moment ago. she is correct to point out that people have suffered as a result of this storm. my heart goes out to them. any time my fellow americans find themselves in a position of need, we want to address that situation very carefully and make sure we do the right thing, make sure that people are not overlooked. as we do that and especially as we do something like that, in the way in which we are being asked to do it here, we
that this would compare to. >> thanks. i don't get why we do this, but let's keep going. >> okay. >> mr. lee, can i say mr. rifkin pointed out that 2020 for the feeder agreement, the contract expense of that, this one would extend only to 2014 because we're trying to maximize our ability to negotiate after the bart board's fare policy increase. and this allows us to negotiate to our own interests for the mta and the city by having this contract only go to 2014? >> well, i think the idea behind going to 2014 was we wanted to wait and see what the bart board fare policy would be. my understanding from bart's staff, conversation, is they are proposing a fare policy that's similar to what or consistent with what's currently there today. so, that was the idea behind having it expire in 2014. >> so, what would happen if we equalized both contracts to 2014 or 2020, what's in our best interest as the mta or the city? >> certainly that's possible to equalize the contracts there. i'm not going to opine on whether -- what's best for the city or not. i think maybe that's a more appropriate question for mr. r
. the presiding officer: the senator utah. mr. lee: mr. president, in just a moment i'll being offering an amendment to senate resolution 15. the purpose of this amendment is to protect this institution as the worldst greatest deliberative body. the hallmark characteristickistics of this body that make it both great and the deliberative include the fact that as individual senators we're supposed to have the right to participate in an open and robust debate that includes an open amendment process. this is historically one of the things that has defined this institution. it's naturally the outgrowth of the fact that pursuant to article 5 of the constitution, each state in the union is entitled to equal representation here in the senate. so as we're talking about things tonight, we have to remember that we're not talking about the rights of the minority or the majority. we're talking about the rights of each individual senator having been duly elected by the voters in his or her state. i have a concern, mr. president, that some of the implications of senate rule 15 could undermine this cha
to put together an injunction or something it stop what mr. ed lee is doing right now. what he is doing is creating an atrocious group of individuals thats going to run the rest of our generation like the prior redevelopment has done. it's no mystery, all you got to do is check your history, people are going to do for generations to come, christine, what you have done, the housing authority, nobody here is crabing for what you did for them. whoever sits in that seat, they are going to make it law. i have to go over to another agency with the housing authority. let me say one thing, city hall is out of control. we don't know who is in control. we don't know what department is doing what. board of supervisors what is going on, i'm not going to sing today but city hall is out of control and we got to file a complaint for injunction. be ready for it. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is douglas yapp right on, ace, that's all i have to say. i'd like to thank supervisor olague for her brave and couragous act. she is setting a precedent showing that
on that institution and have it function that way here. >> where was mr. lee teaching you? >> new hampshire. a small town 35 minutes north of boston. >> have you ever told him how much he impacted you? >> after the book came out, i got my first publication copy. i wrote the introduction. i sent him a copy of the book. a little thank you note. i sent it through amazon. i got an e-mail from him saying, it was really touching. i did not have his contact information. i have his e-mail -- i knew he was still working at the high school. he said something like, he was so touched by the fact i think him for this that he was considering retiring but now he thinks he might stay on for a couple more years. >> what is the high school? >> in new hampshire. >> what was your family life like? >> my parents live in arizona. i went to graduate school in tucson. they came to visit me. they liked it so much, they moved out there and sold their house in new hampshire. >> what did they do in new hampshire? >> they were both working in a semiconductor manufacturing company that spread all round the world. not to get too
% or more of gdp consumed by government or go back to a reasonable, historical 18% that mr. lee proposed. melissa: dennis, what do you think of that? automatically limit spending to 18% of gdp, currently, 23%, a billion dollars to shave off. >> we don't need gimmicks. we need guts. we don't need politicians claiming things are meaningful when they are not. 18% of gdp, you cut over a trillion dollars a year from the budget for ten years. melissa: right. >> rather than filing a bill saying someone else should do this, put out a budget, if you're a senator, budget that cuts a trail dollars from this year's budget. cut it from defense, discretionary, medicare, social security, step up, lay out your actual cuts. the problem we have isn't that we don't have enough gimmicks like the budget amendment. we got plenty of gimmicks. we don't have guts. are you going to cut medicare by that amount, or social security or defense? where are you going to cut? >> makes me hopeless as ever. nobody has guts in washington. if we need, i mean, we can't rely on gimmicks, need guts. you know, we're screwed. >>
touch as high as 20,000 in the next four years. ty? >> yikes. we will be back to mr. lee on that. we will find out. jackie deangeles, looking at winners and sinners outside the dow. >> last week we saw very big movers. higher. take a look at some of the best performers on the s&p last week. netflix leading the pack with a net gain of 71%. analysts still think that stock has room it run. could see 200 before it pulls back. then there was amd seeing near 16% gain last week when it reported a loss narrower than expected despite sluggish demand for pcs still going on out there. and another positive earning story. higher sales of da vinci systems. better integration of systems and procedures providing a leg up for those shares. as some stocks surge, some suffer. apple took the brunt down 12% for the week, finishing at 52-week low on friday. more importantly, concerns about the future of the tech giant, despite downgrade today, stock seeing a bit after rebound of that big sell off. but also worth a mention, coach, dropping 17% after reporting weaker than expected domestic sales. concerns i
lee for that amount i think we should get a leather flight jacket to thank mr. lahood for the great gift to our great city. the new money that is going to be used here is going to create 1,000 new jobs before the end of the year with many more jobs to come after that. that is something to applaud. thank you again secretary lahood for that. this is one point 7 miles very similar to the length of the golden gate bridge when 75 years ago that was going to be built and little did we know what that bridge would bring to the economy of san francisco and marin and as we look ahead for 75 years it's interesting what this does for this region. you know the bay area has become the blue angels of science. we do lots of stunts, and we are very successful at doing those stunts and we do them at high speeds, and between this project and the project for cal train to electifiy it over the next seven years $3 billion is going to be spent regionally on transit here, and we can say thank you to the secretary of transportation and to the regional transit authorities who have create thursday opportu
woman jackie spear. >> thank you mr. mayor. thank you secretary lahood. thank you to the incredible leadership, senator feinstein, nancy pelosi and mayor lee and the board of supervisors to chairman nol an from the sfmta. i am on pins and needles. do we have anything else to report? it's still at the same point we think they're in commercials. i am reminded from the song from "top gun" "take my breath away" and $942 million takes my breath away and i think to mayor lee for that amount i think we should get a leather flight jacket to thank mr. lahood for the great gift to our great city. the new money that is going to be used here is going to create 1,000 new jobs before the end of the year with many more jobs to come after that. that is something to applaud. thank you again secretary lahood for that. this is one point 7 miles very similar to the length of the golden gate bridge when 75 years ago that was going to be built and little did we know what that bridge would bring to the economy of san francisco and marin and as we look ahead for 75 years it's interesting what this d
it is 30% larger than conventional plans. the dream liners and mrs. lee is lighter due to 50% of its parts been made of new carbon fiber composite materials. business class passengers are in for a treat. check out how the seat is fully reclines. as you can see seeing here is staggered to allow for a more personal experience whether you are working or catching some shut i. the dream liner has more overhead storage room for medium-size carry-on luggage as well. >> " i am excited " >> if you were not one of the first passengers on the inaugural flight departing san jose to tokyo you do not have to worry. and the airlines will operate five flights a week with connections to destinations throughout asia at the san jose mineta international airport. >> haazing madyn kron 4 news. >> the dream liner has had some problems recently, that included a crack cockpit window and a fuel leak. no, faa is doing a comprehensive review of the dream-design and assembly. not a great pr for boeing although faa officials stress that they do not consider the plane to be unsafe. the dream liner relies more than any
francisco and what you see here mr. secretary is consent. our great mayor lee -- he is the consensus maestro and brings people together and he said "listen, listen" and we act upon the consensus of our community. it's about consensus. it's about community. it's about here comes the bus and now we can get on it, but it's also about all the things the mayor said. it's about the quality of our air. again sitting comfortably in other projects in california that secretary lahood hood worked so hard on. the two senators were instrumental in making better and we in the house urged passage for the high speed rail in the central valley, whether it's mass transit, rail, high speed rail and terminal and presidio and others -- what is it? transit first? transit first. it's about jobs. it's about comcommerce. it's about quality of air. it's about quality of life and building consensus in america and by doing so and by listening and leadership from the white house we are able to be a model to the nation with projects of national significance so that other communities can follow our lead
in the audience, mr. jow-jow, and ruby lee still in the audience and other monolingual chinese speaker who will have to leave by now or too shy to speak. we also speak for 152 families from asian-american we support rent control law. many of us are or having renters. many of us are still renters some years, some years to go into home ordinancesship. by -- home ownership, in order to buy a home. we speak for cindy, her family has been on the waiting list for eight years and she's on the verge of foreclosure and be homeless. we speak for joe-jow who sits in the audience because he's disabled. he has to pay two-thirds of his disability into his home and withdraw money from 401-k to remortgage due to they can't refinance. we owe a lifetime lease. we support the stability of rental housing. we want peaceful coexistence. why can't we be supported reciprocally -- financial independence. it will not be fair that homeowners have to sleep on the street while others watch and not help. let's help each other out and make san francisco home for everyone. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank yo
's progressive. call or click today. >>> i'm joined by mr. piers morgan. cathy lee has a few days off this week. nice to have you. >> i'm disappointed she is not here. i thought by now we would have this going. what is this? >> this is a mardi gras cake sent from new orleans. the whole deal is this seems early for mardi gras, but this is the official sort of kick off to the mardi gras season. >> hoda, you do not get a body like this eating cake. sitting in for kathy lee. i loved my time with hoda. and the reason was i think you and your cakes gave me the perfect preparation for interviewing people like mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> can i say how fun it was? you have a weird way, i have to point out, when we had a guest, it started off fun and somehow you found a way to curve in and go right for it. i remember taking note when i watched you do it. >> what i loved about you on there, it's interesting about the premise of your book, really smart, underpinning it is a love of news and journalism. that's really what you're about. >> i spent my whole career traveling the world and covering great stories an
. thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor. it really is the leadership that mayor lee is bringing to this. it's been a hallmark of his administration to bring the city family together to work with the advocates in the community to get things done. i think this pedestrian strategy is a manifestation that epitomizes what the mayor is doing to bring folks together to make san francisco a better place. i want to thank him for his leadership. the leadership on the ground, i think a lot of it is coming from the mta board. but the ground that i'm literally standing on here is ground that used to be here for vehicles, and now it's here for people, for people to walk, to sit, to enjoy. making those decisions are sometimes difficult. they're sometimes controversial. there are trade-offs involved. but we have a very strong board of directors at the mta that has been making these decisions to repurpose, to rethink our rights-of-way, to reorient them back towards pedestrians, to make it safer for pedestrians, to narrow streets so that the crossing distances are shorter, and to really focus on the safety a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 195 (some duplicates have been removed)